Positive Stories Surrounding Coffins

Ask the average person what comes to mind when yo mention the world “coffin” and they’ll most likely say “death” or “funeral”.

And … they’d be right.

But it doesn’t all have to be doom and gloom as far as coffins are concerned.

Coffins can have positive used too

Coffins are after all boxes that are large enough to house a human being.

So, I wasn’t that surprised when I came across a story that gave coffins some positive publicity.

It was in a article written by Patricia Lynn.

The story was about a nurse called Irena Sendler.  The story was based during the holocaust of World War II. It was situated in a Nazi prisoner of war camp in Poland.

Many Jewish children were tortured and Irena who was a nurse there decided she couldn’t stand by and allow it to continue any longer.

So she joined forces with an organisation called ‘Zegota‘.

What Irena did was to hide children inside the coffins in order to sneak them out to safety. Once they were free she then nursed them back to good health!

Eventually Irena was caught sneaking the children out and essentially became a prisoner herself.

The organisation she partnered with eventually managed to free her.

The Nazi officers tried to get the names of the children out of Irena, but she stood strong and managed to not reveal the family names of the children until many years later.

At the grand old age of 98, Irena actually got to meet some of the families of the children she managed to rescue.

Her heroics managed to save many lives and her story of bravery and compassion continues to live on many years after her death.

You can read more about here story in Patricia’s article here.

So as I said at the beginning of this post, coffins can be useful in many other contexts!

Coffins are not just for funerals through. In fact, many families who don’t want the fuss of a funeral and the expense of a full hardwood coffin will often opt for a budget direct cremation only. These allow for the person who has passed away to be cremated in a budget-conscious coffin fairly soon after passing with a memorial service to be arranged at a later date to suit.